Phoenix Reborn Nonprofit Youth Program

Meet Our Members

Thomas Spirit Kearney - Phoenix Reborn CEO
Kel Hyman - Phoenix Reborn - Director of Operations
Galadriel Grace - Phoenix Reborn Youth Project

Thomas Kearney, CEO of Phoenix Reborn, grew up in a supportive family, but learned first hand what life is like on the streets.

Through his experiences, coupled with learning the structure and discipline gained from combat sports, Kearney learned to use these skills to give back to the community.

In teaching both youth and adults the importance of putting a positive attitude first, his influence has a profound impact on those he works with. In working as a boxing coach and mentor, he’s seen first hand how youth can gain confidence through personal achievement.

His vision is one that empowers youth and adults to overcome their past, while creating a new future for themselves and their families.

Kel Hyman is a father of five and marine veteran. With his extensive background in supporting diversity and anding violence, Hyman is working towards creating a better world, not only for his children, but for the children of our communities.

He has been a strong force in organizations to help homeless veterans, fighting against social injustice and racial disparity.

As Director of Operations with Phoenix Reborn, he brings together these causes in a more profound way for the future—our youth.

Galadriel Grace, mother of six and small business owner, supports the entrepreneurial endeavors of both children and adults.

Being a strong believer that anyone can do anything they set their mind to, regardless of their past, she has been working with people of all backgrounds, helping them to realize and achieve their dreams.

Understanding and knowing the challenges and limitations people face in reaching their accomplishments, her goal is to help change their mindset and overcome the shortcomings of their past by empowering them with the knowledge, skills and encouragement they need for a positive and successful future.

Phoenix Reborn

Phoenix Reborn gives children and young adults, not only a second chance, but also the education and opportunities they need to thrive.

Many youth in our communities are faced with drugs, violence, and lack of structure. Phoenix Reborn is changing the lives through empowering those who have faced challenges of the past through hope, teamwork and skills that they can use to have successful lives.

Through donations from caring individuals and businesses who support our cause of bettering the lives of our youth, there is no end to what we can accomplish together for the future, starting with our youth.

If your company or organization is committed to the ideals of social justice, and you desire to invest in a program that directly impacts those who need it most, then please, join us today.

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